Support and Repairs

Support and Repairs

Support and Repairs

In our laboratory we deal with the repair of equipment and machinery, as well as preventive maintenance, functional verification and operational instruction.

We are also authorized center for the repair of different brands of specialized equipment.

How to fix your machine?

Whether you have a store, a service or just want to get your equipment back on track, contact us and we will take care of everything: write us your request, the type of machinery (or the specific machinery) and the problem it presents.

You will receive an email estimate, the timing of the operation and all other details. We will also send you a courier for pickup!

If you need more information write them in the request or contact us on our Facebook page, but first consult the FAQ sections and the Terms and Conditions of the service contract, you will find below.

Make your equipment work like new!

Take care of your equipment, and your equipment will not betray you. Repairing even one electric wire could save you hundreds of bucks!

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Terms and conditions of the contract

  • In case of out of warranty assistance, shipping costs are charged to the customer. It is however possible to request the collection by our courier, communicating the dimensions and weight of the product. The charges will then be debited in the final price.
  • In case of warranty assistance, the various brands have different policies regarding transport costs. Depending on the product brand, we will notify you if the shipment is covered by the warranty.
  • If the final price of the repair does not exceed € 50.00 + VAT and / or 1/10 of the market value, the object in question is repaired without issuing an estimate.
  • The estimate is issued subject to unforeseen circumstances for problems that are not initially diagnosable. The customer will be informed of the estimate and of the repair via email.
  • DG Systems Italia reserves the right to charge a flat rate of € 25.00 + VAT for laboratory costs incurred in the event of a non-accepted estimate.
  • The object left in the care must be taken no later than 12 months from the notice of repair, without prejudice to the right of retention, pursuant to and by effect of art. 2756 CC which provides for the communication of stock without confirmation verbal or written by the interested party, the renunciation of the goods, giving to DG Systems the right to dispose of the equipment either repaired or not repaired.


How long is it necessary for a repair?

Each repair has its own timing that depends on the complexity of the intervention, from the availability of spare parts to many other factors.

I have not accepted any estimate but my object has been repaired anyway, why?

As for “terms and conditions of the contract”, for objects whose estimate would be lower than € 50 + VAT, the repair is carried out without issuing an estimate. This is to avoid management costs that would make the operation uneconomical.

How much time do I have to accept the estimate or not?

As per art.2756 of the Civil Code, we have 12 months to inform us of the intention, once passed we will meet the renunciation of goods, giving us the right to dispose of the equipment, repaired or not.

For more information, see the terms and conditions of the support contract.


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