Audio/DMX over Ethercon

  • Systems to carry Audio & DMX over Cat5e cable
  • Rack Panel with 8 Ethercon ports on the front and 8 RJ45 ports on the rear
  • RJ45 to 4 XLR Adapters
  • Ethercon to 4 XLR Adapters
  • 4ch XLR Extension on Cat5e, default split length 25cm

Examples of use:
- Connection of 4 DMX universes on a single cable. In order to do it, you'll need 1 Ethercon to 4 male XLR, 1 Ethercon to 4 female XLR, 2 Ethercon couplers and 1 Ethercon cable;
- Stage wiring up to 32ch per rack unit putting an 8-port Ethercon panel in the PreAmp rack. Then wire the RJ45 to XLR adapters from the back of the panel to the PreAmp inputs. Connect 4ch stagebox to the Ethercon panel through shielded Ethercon cables or directly using long 4 female XLR to Ethercon cable.